May 25 2017 Bogotá- Today translators of the world celebrate the recognition of the role of professional translations in the world and the importance that translators, linguists terminologist have in different fields. therole of the translation profession is very important at a wold wide level and also in your company

The resolution given by the UN was made on May the 10, and this announcement is welcomed by all the professionals in the field that serve as interpreters, linguists and terminologists. As prior to the resolution professions named above were merely recognized as a profession.

For long time the FIT had made uncountable efforts in trying and to grant the corresponding role to the linguist profession. In the face of instances such as the UN, and in UNICEF, efforts that had turned into fail attempts. Finally after years of advocating for linguist professions, the director of the director de la FIT achieved a disruption and opened that long closed gap and generated a significant change in the status of linguist related professions.

Here we would like to present some excerpts of resolution A/71/L.68, resolution that will perfect the Nairobi Declaration multilingualism.

The fundamental role played by translators, interpreters, and terminologists is acknowledged, as they connect nations, promote peace and understanding between populations.

In the said resolution they establish the date of September the 30th as the international translators’ day, date in which this day will be commemorated. .

Another very important argument that can be considered within this resolution is continuous need for training for professionals in the area of translation, interpreting and terminology, professionals through which it will be possible to fill the constant need of professionals capable of supplying the high demand of professionals in the area.

Finally the resolution paves the way for higher standards within the frame of the profession; equally it establishes better working conditions for professionals in the area.

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